What is the cause of Leukorrhea?

What should I eat to stop white discharge?

What is the cause of Leukorrhea? 90 percent of women have leukorrhea. Leucorrhea is called white leucorrhoea in Hindi. This is a type of disease in which white water comes out of the women’s vulva. This is a disease that mostly occurs in women and due to this, women ignore it as normal. In such a situation, women are unable to tell anyone about it and keep this disease. While this disease causes great harm to women. In such a situation, if you also have this disease, then adopt this surefire remedy of big cardamom.

Leaking white water from the woman’s vulva is known as leucorrhea. It can be caused by a number of factors. Mostly this discharge is painless but sometimes you may feel pain. Itching may occur at the time of discharge. Some women also feel pain and irritation. Due to moist conditions, you may experience redness, constipation, or headache in your thigh area. Although it is not a very serious disorder, leucorrhea can still be very uncomfortable and irritating and you need to treat it.

Leucorrhea treatment by black cardamom
What is the cause of Leukorrhea?


Eating more butter, yogurt, cottage cheese and other raw foods are unhealthy. It is not very useful to take heavy, oily and avoidable food. Not taking adequate nutrition can also be a major cause for concern as it is found that women who are deficient in blood can suffer from leucorrhea.

By fasting more.
Doing some excited fantasies.
By talking dirty.
Using the wrong position in sex.

Apart from this, this problem can also be caused by infection. Yeast infection is caused by an overgrowth of fungus called Candida. Candida is a fungus that is present in your vulva but when its volume increases it causes infection and white water problem is created.


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Use of cardamom is beneficial

Large cardamom is an effective remedy in white watery disease. To use big cardamom, grind the semolina with equal amount of cardamom and grind it well. Then mix the same amount of sugar powder. Now take this powder twice a day in the quantity of 2-2 grams. Taking this powder daily in the morning and evening relieves the disease of leucorrhoea.

Basil helps us in many diseases and problems. Tulsi is a plant that has many therapeutic properties. It is a very old remedy used to treat leucorrhoea. If you are troubled by the problem of white water, then you can consume it by adding it to milk daily. You will benefit greatly from this.

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Apple vinegar

Apple vinegar has many health-enhancing properties that are successful in fighting our problems. Due to its acidic properties, it solves the secretion occurring in the vulva. For this, mix one glass of distilled water with 1 cup apple vinegar. Use it to wash your vulva twice a day. This will prevent your white water.

What is the cause of Leukorrhea?

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